Chapter Leadership

Caroline Cox

Collegiate Chapter President

Major: Social Work Minor: Africana Studies Hometown: Villanova, Pennsylvania Fun Fact: I look like my dog

Carly Gallagher

Vice President - Administration

Major: Psychology Certificate: Conceptual Foundations of Medicine Hometown: Langhorne, PA Fun Fact: I am an only child

Cami Lange

House Manager

Major: Psychology Minor: Chemistry Hometown: Naples, FL Fun Fact: I have never been to the zoo!

Becca Seiler


Major: Undeclared Hometown: Hawley, PA Fun Fact: I popped seven tires in two years!

Geena Catando

Vice President - Chapter Development

Major: Exercise Science Hometown: West Chester, PA Fun Fact: I have had 3 person encounters with Flo Rida!

Claudia Bianchine

Academic Development Chair

Major: Rehabilitation Science Minor: Neuroscience Certificates: American Sign Language and Pathokinesiology in Rehabilitation Hometown: Princeton, NJ Fun Fact: I've swam with pigs before

Julia Hildebrand

Body Image 3D Coordinator

Major: Nursing Minor: Spanish Hometown: Chicago, IL Fun Fact: I taught my dog to sneeze on command

Michelle Sech

Continuing Education Chair

Major: Nursing Hometown: Old Bridge, NJ Fun Fact: English was not my first language

Emily Mamula

Member Development Chair

Major: Supply Chain Management, Marketing, and Business Information Systems Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA Fun Fact: I transferred from Penn State in the fall!

Shelby Stocker

Music Chair

Major: Marketing and Supply Chain Management Hometown: Easton, PA Fun Fact: My shower handle swatted on me mid-shower and I had to get 15 stitches!

Nikki Messina

Vice President - Finance

Major: Finance & Accounting Minor: Economics Certificate: Business Analytics Hometown: Mount Olive, NJ Fun Fact: I'm a triplet!

Lydia Watt

Licensing Chair

Major: Industrial Engineering Hometown: Kittanning, PA Fun Fact: I rode an elephant in India when I was 10!

Sam Hovis


Major: Marketing Certificates: Leadership and Ethics, International Business Hometown: Downingtown, PA Fun Fact: I love to travel! This photo was taken during the summer of 2019 when I visited Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Hannah Inchausti

Vice President - Membership

Major: Media and Professional Communications Certificate: Digital Media Hometown: Bucks County, PA Fun Fact: I was a transfer student!

Lily Swanson

New Member Educator

Major: Psychology and History Hometown: Augusta, GA Fun Fact: I cannot snap :(

Emily Judd

Reference Chair

Major: Nursing Hometown: Cincinnati, OH Fun Fact: I weighed 11.2 pounds when I was born!

Amanda Ceglarz

Sponsor Chair

Major: Dietitian Nutritionist Program Minor: Chemistry Hometown: Troy, MI

Emily Mattys

Vice President - Public Relations

Major: Marketing Hometown: Cranberry Township, PA Fun Fact: I swam with sharks in Punta Cana this past summer!

Nina Iradi

Activities Chair

Major: Sociology Minor: Chemistry Certificate: Conceptual Foundations of Medicine Hometown: Wall Township, NJ Fun Fact: I have 4 dogs!

Kevynn Anton

Chapter Correspondent

Major: Natural Sciences Certificate: Conceptual Foundations of Medicine Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA Fun Fact: My dad named me after himself!

Megan Hart

Collegiate Alumnae Relations Chair

Major: Communication Science Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA Fun Fact: I’ve eaten Ice Cream our of the Stanley Cup!

Martha Smee

Panhellenic Delegate

Major: Biology Minor: Chemistry Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA Fun Fact: I have 5 older brothers!

Maddie Payne

Philanthropy Chair

Major: Communications and Psychology Minor: French Hometown: North Wales, PA Fun Fact: I still have a baby tooth!

Alishha Kozier

Risk Management Chair

Major: Psychology and Sociology Minor: Chemistry Hometown: Monroeville, PA Fun Fact: I went zip lining in the Andes mountains!

Gitanjali Iyer

Social Events Chairman

Major: Information Science Minor: Administration of Justice Related Area: Business Hometown: Randolph, NJ Fun Fact: I am an only child

Sofia Lagazzi

Greek Week Chair

Major: Neuroscience Minor: Italian and Chemistry Hometown: Richmond, VA Fun Fact: I've moved houses 13 times!

Kristen Deppe

PDM Chair

Major: Psychology Minor: Social Work Hometown: Olney, MD Fun Fact: I'be had 3 concussions all from gym class!

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